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Gemini is considered a symbol of the air, ruled by Mercury. In the person of Gemini, there are two conflicting personalities; sometimes, they are very stubborn. They are usually quite attractive people, skillful in communication, and enthusiastic in activities. However, in many situations, they feel depressed and useless.

. Aries and things to know 1.1 Gemini sign The constellation Gemini is the third constellation in the Zodiac.   The symbol of Gemini is the image of two twin boys standing next to each other, which are brothers Castor and Pollux.Although they are twins, their personalities are opposite. Therefore, twins belonging to this...

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The earthy bull is one of the most grounded Signs. It loves to indulge in earthly pleasures, being a sensualist, it enjoys all the finer things life has to offer- good food and drink, quality fabrics and objects, and luxurious experiences. Astute business people, they are hard-working and determined but may be overly fixated in their way of doing things. They are slow to move but have great stamina once they get started.

1. Taurus and things to know 1.1 Taurus sign Whenever mentioning Taurus, people often remember the image of the head of the bull, and that is also the symbol of Taurus. In the world of the gods, the bull represents extraordinary strength and steadfastness. Because of this, people under the sign...

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This is the first of the 12 zodiac signs, belonging to the element of Fire and one of the four ruling signs. If one day suddenly you meet a lovely Aries guy or girl, or even you are an Aries who wants to uncover your mystery through your sign, let's find out together about Aries!

1. Aries and things to know 1.1 Aries sign The constellation Aries is the first constellation in the Zodiac. The Zodiac symbol of Aries is a ram with yellow fur. It symbolizes life, sacrifice, fidelity and light. The sheep is a symbol of spring - the season of the light...

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