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Exclusively from the Carver Dan Art Studio

Welcome to Carver Dan’s Handmade Hardwood Collectables! Our handcrafted, one of a kind hand-carved wooden objects make perfect gifts for all occasions.  Using precision cuts and the training from his days as the first Master Craftsman from the Walt Disney World apprenticeship program, our hand-carved products are never embellished with paints or stains. All of the artwork, puzzles, key chains, clocks, and other creations found in Carver Dan’s shop are original, hand-carved, and are made from recycled exotic hardwoods.

No Paints! No Stains!

► Red is Mangosteen

► Yellow is Boxwood

► White is Birch

► Tan is Beech

► Black is Walnut

And remember, if there’s an item or piece of hardwood artwork you’d love to buy but can’t seem to find, we can create custom wooden art as well, so just get in touch with us!


Carver Dan's Pet Carvings are a unique collection of handcrafted memorial urns, memorial pet portraits, or wall decor to showcase your favorite breed of dogs or cats. Made from recycled exotic hardwoods, each of Carver Dan's Pet Carvings are a way to remember a beloved furry family member or highlight your favorite breed of pet.

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It was the puzzle box that started it all. First carved for Dan’s own kids, these charming, intricate boxes — which can safely house a little treasure and will themselves be treasured in your home — were soon the talk of the neighborhood. Now they’re the talk of tens of thousands of customers worldwide. The animal themes found in these unique puzzle boxes are sure to capture the imagination and become a cherished heirloom passed down for generations.

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From a majestically soaring eagle to a friendly panda to a sailboat tacking in the wind, Carver Dan’s hand-carved hardwood wall art creations are stunning decorations that you will be proud to show off in your home. They make the perfect housewarming or holiday gift, and with so many styles to choose from, the perfect choice is always just a click away.

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Created by the 1st Walt Disney World woodworking apprentice, Carver Dan, our hand-carved signs from exotic hardwoods are a great addition to any tiki bar, sunroom, kitchen, or dining room. These signs exclusively from Carver Dan’s art studio will create a memory guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

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Carry a compact, beautiful piece of artwork with you everywhere you go with a hand-carved wooden key chain from Carver Dan. You can choose from dozens of designs, including flowers and fish, horses and hearts, religious-themed carvings, and so much more. There’s no better way to ensure you never forget your keys than by using an unforgettable key chain.

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Our Story

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I gave this as a gift to a person that I work with. She likes frog collectibles so I searched Amazon and there it was, a no brainer. She loves it. She said it is her favorite of all. The quality is very good. The color of the various woods, the nice finish, the overall design are all super.
It is a beautiful gift and the price is very reasonable.

Raymond E Dionne

This Cat in Hat with Flowers is adorable and my favorite. I gave this to my daughter and my sister for Christmas and they both loved it! It's just too cute for words. I love all of their puzzle boxes - so novel and such talent! My daughter liked hers so well, she purchased some others and put money inside as gifts for family/friends.

J. Weaver

I thought I had submitted a review on this item but can't find it so wanted to make sure I let everyone know how much I love this item, I purchased 4 of them, 2 for my granddaughters and 2 for my daughters, that's how much I think this angel puzzle box is so wonderful! It's so unique and lovely, a great gift.


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