Wooden Cat & Dog Puzzle

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You know that expression fighting like cats and dogs? Well, it’s got no place here! These furry friends are snuggled right up. Once disassembled, it’s a rewarding challenge to reassemble their pieces back into the whole. Don’t worry, each piece is numbered to help make the process easier, and the dog’s eye serves as a locking pin, holding the puzzle together once it’s completed again.

Our puzzles are made exclusively out of hand-carved hardwood without the use of paints or stains. They make perfect gifts for kids and adults alike and are fun to play with or use as a decoration on a dresser, shelf, or as a paperweight on your desk.

  • 100% hand-carved hardwood puzzles; our artists never use paints or stains
  • No two Carver Dan’s puzzles are identical; each is an original handmade work of art.
  • We use recycled birch, boxwood, beech, mangosteen, and walnut woods.
  • Our puzzles make a perfect gift; they’re fun to play with and make great decorations.
  • Puzzle pieces are numbered for ease of reassembly, and locking pin eye holds pieces in place.
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