White Cat Hand-Carved Pet Portrait



Made from recycled exotic hardwoods, Carver Dan's Pet Portraits are a unique way to pay tribute to a cherished pet. The White Cat Hand-Carved Pet Portrait can be displayed on a shelf, a mantle or even hung on the wall. Each portrait is designed with a small opening in the back to securely store tags, a collar, or even the ashes of your beloved pet.  Memorialize the life of your pet with a unique, handmade piece of functional art that will last for generations to come.

► Hand-carved from recycled hardwoods
► No Paints! No Stains!
► Red is Mangosteen
► Yellow is Boxwood
► White is Birch
► Tan is Beech
► Black is Walnut

" What greater gift than the love of a cat." - Charles Dickens

Cats have been loyal friends and companion to human for more than 12,000 years.

If you’re a cat lover, you probably have many of your own fantastic cat stories because every cat is fascinating in their own way. There's no getting away from the fact that cats are mystical and amazing animal and like us need attention and love for survival.

Everyone that even just knows about cats are surprised by their abilities as amazing escapes artist. Like seeing one falling out of a tree and landing on all four feet and walking away as if nothing ever happened. We bet a lot of times you wonder what goes on in those fuzzy little heads and don’t we all.

We really understand the grief experience after the death of your beloved cat and this will cut deep into your emotions. Sometimes that feeling last a long time much like following the death of a family member or friend. With honor we try to seek the best way to help you memorialize your precious pet who just passed with our handmade Urns.

All our Carver Dan Keepsake Pet Portrait Urns are uniquely made by hand without the use of stains or paints. Every pieces of our hardwood pet urns are selected from finest hardwoods with natural colors and grains of multiple different species of the hardwoods used. In the case of the white cat Urn most of that is made with solid birch or maple.

Our master artists have been working with hardwood for years and create hand carved wooden pet portraits. We know that the love you had for your cat that will never ever fade away and know the Urn you pick will help in a cheerful kind of way.

We truly understand facing the loss of your pet is one of the biggest challenges in life. The pain and grief can also bother your physical health, making it difficult to sleep, eat, or even think straight at times. We know our Urns will ease the pain every time you look at it and bringing back those fond memories.

We hope our Carver Dan's Pet Portrait Urn can help your lovely pet have a new, cute house which lasts forever as your cat will be in your heart forever too.

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