Boxer Hand-Carved Pet Portrait


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Made from recycled exotic hardwoods, Carver Dan's Pet Portraits are a unique way to pay tribute to a cherished pet. The Boxer Hand-Carved Pet Portrait can be displayed on a shelf, a mantle or even hung on the wall. Each portrait is designed with a small opening in the back to securely store dog tags, a collar, or even the ashes of your beloved pet.  Memorialize the life of your pet with a unique, handmade piece of functional art that will last for generations to come.

► Hand-carved from recycled hardwoods
► No Paints! No Stains!
► Red is Mangosteen
► Yellow is Boxwood
► White is Birch
► Tan is Beech
► Black is Walnut

Boxers are proud, playful, and energetic dogs that fill the lives of their owners with happiness and lasting memories. The joy a Boxer brings during life means that the sadness these dogs leave behind when they die can be devastating, leaving the bereft family wondering what they can possibly do to commemorate the life of the pup who meant so much to those who loved them.

We first began creating pet portrait urns after a dear friend lost a dog and expressed just such uncertainty over how to celebrate and remember her dog who had passed. Thar first one-off pet portrait urn brought so much solace and peace into the life of someone close to our family that our team set out at once to create opportunities for joyful commemoration of pets lost to your family as well. In the years since, we have received so many letters thanking us for offering pet portrait urns that helped families grieving for lost pets that today it is our goal to expand our line of pet urns so that those who have lost dogs or cats of all types of breed can find just the right way to memorialize their pet.

Our Boxer Keepsake Pet Portrait Urn offers a way for you to forever preserve the memory of your animal buddy that goes so far beyond a traditional urn. The dimensional carved portrait on the front of this all hardwood urn is entirely made using hand tools and hand selected pieces of top-quality hardwood sourced from the furniture industry. We create your Boxer pet urn by assembling hand carved pieces of wood chosen for their color and grain into this dog in classic Boxer pose: tail up, back legs taut, and ready to pounce into fun.

All of our handmade Keepsake Pet Portrait Urns feature a recess in the back panel that can protect and preserve several ounces of the ashes left behind after your pet’s cremation. These are no mere pet portraits, but are genuine keepsake urns that will serve not only as a depiction of your Boxer in life but also serve as a resting place for a portion of the pup’s remains. And because we never use paints or stains in our hardwood pet urns, the carving on the front will never fade or lose its color; what you see is are natural colors and grain of the woods out artists selected to create your urn, colors and grain that will last for decades as the Keepsake Pet Portrait Urn you get today is passed down through the family in years to come.

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