About Carver Dan

Master Craftsmanship Since 1976

Before he was Carver Dan, he was Dan Terrico. In fact, he still is Mr. Terrico on paper, but a passion for hand-carved wooden art and artifacts has colored Dan’s life for decades now, so today most folks know him as Carver Dan.

Now people all around the world know and love the original hand-carved hardwood products that proudly bear the Carver Dan name.

Carver Dan started his own woodworking career as the first Master Craftsman from the apprenticeship program at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida back in 1976. There, he received extensive training in woodcarving, cabinetry, and metalwork.

Dan helped design many of the tools and machines used in the construction of Epcot Center, today a world-renowned theme park.

He also helped build Discovery Island, one of the trademark attractions at Walt Disney World.

Our Promise to You

Complete customer satisfaction is the goal at Carver Dan’s. All products are handmade, which means no two are exactly alike. That uniqueness, and the care put into all phases of creation, ensures that when you purchase a product from Carver Dan, you are going to receive quality you can see, craftsmanship you can feel, and a price you can afford!

Intarsia is an art form that uses wood of various shapes, sizes, and species fitted together to create a mosaic-style picture. Intarsia artists use the natural grain pattern and color of the wood in their designs, eschewing dyes, paints, and stains and creating stunning, unique art.

Dan only hires artists he knows to have the skill and dedication to create hand-carved works of art that will match the high standards he himself established. But he also knows that the best way to do any work is to do it together. That’s why he spends half of every year living and working with his team of craftsmen and craftswomen.

Unlike what you’ll find with so many cheaper knockoff products, Carver Dan’s creations are made without dyes, paints, or stains. The wood itself is the only medium. Carver Dan and his artists work primarily with ebony, rosewood, birch, beech, and boxwood, and of course only with hand tools. And patience.

Only Recycled Hardwoods

Hand-carved from recycled hardwoods

► No Paints! No Stains!

► Red is Mangosteen

► Yellow is Boxwood

► White is Birch

► Tan is Beech

► Black is Walnut


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