Short hair cats are mighty little hunters who easily capture people’s hearts and fill us with wonder as they seemingly always know our next move...

A special gift for a mourning cat lover

 Short hair cats are mighty little hunters who easily capture people’s hearts and fill us with wonder as they seemingly always know our next move. Being confident, athletic and independent, cats make ideal companions for busy owners. At times, cats come into our lives effortlessly, usually showing up on doorsteps looking for food.  Short hair domestic cats with light coloring have piercing eyes and can be a variety of color combinations. On average they live for 15-20 years and although they tend to be more antisocial than darker colored cats, they are none-the-less still a major part of an owner’s life.

 When a family cat passes away, an empty feeling is left behind. Although we know that nothing can replace a beloved cat, a hand carved pet urn is a special way to remember their playful spirit. Every urn is made entirely by hand by talented artists who are able to capture the essence of your cat through their craftsmanship. 

Hand Carved Wooden Urn for Cat

 Craftsmanship That Lasts

Cherish your furry friend even after they're gone with our solid, handmade wooden pet urn. Keep a portion of your cat’s ashes nestled in the secure compartment on the back of this high quality urn. The colors of the wood were chosen specifically to create the image of your pet and display unique warmth that compliments any style and decor. Our pet portrait urns fit easily on a mantle, desk, dresser, or even on the wall. 

Cat Urn Hanging on Wall

 All Natural Handmade Urns

No paints are needed to create the colors in the portrait, that’s just the natural beauty of the wood. Each piece is hand carved individually and when they come together, the end result is a stunning likeness of your favorite pet, designed to encapsulate the cherished memories of your dearest companion. 

Shorthair Cat Cremation Urn

 Functional Art Commemorating Your Cat

Choosing an original hand carved urn for your cat is like choosing a piece of art to commemorate their life. Our artists take pride in their work creating unique pieces that are made with love. No two urns are ever the same. Although our cats and dogs cannot be with us forever, you can rest knowing that with a charming pet portrait your animal will remain near and cherished for all the rest of your days.

Wood Carved Cat Urn for Ashes

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