Why People Choose A Collie|

Collies are some of the most beautiful dogs alive. Their stunning coats, refined features, and graceful movement make them a breed prized for their looks – little wonder it was a collie chosen to play what might be the most famous canine character of all time, TV’s Lassie. But collie owners know it’s not actually about the looks at all, it’s about the kindness, loyalty, reliability, smarts, and playfulness. Collies make amazing companions because of who they are, not how they look. And the fact that they are such wonderful dogs make losing them even harder.

Wooden Pet Urn For A Collie

 Cherishing the Life of a Special Dog

If you had a collie that has passed away you already know that your dog will live on in your heart forever, but it can still be a comfort to have some physical reminder of your collie who has passed. Our handmade collie pet urns feature a lovely hand carved image of a collie on the front and have a recess on the back into which you can inter a keepsake portion of the ashes of your collie. With a portrait pet urn you can have a way to remember your pet and to keep a bit of his or her remains safe with you forever.

Wooden Pet Urn For A Collie

 Handmade With Love

All of our hardwood hand carved pet urns are made entirely by hand and from scratch every time. We start with a selection of fine hardwoods selected for their quality, color, and grain, and then our artists carve the shapes that will be assembled into a collie portrait by hand. We never use paints or stains in our handmade wooden pet urns – all of the color you see making up that collie’s fine coat comes from the natural coloring and grain of the woods we choose. Once assembled into a finished pet urn, our artisans apply a light lacquer to protect the wood, and then the collie urn is ready to house your pet’s ashes for years to come, keeping a part of your pet safe in your home just as you keep all of those memories safe inside you.

Wooden Pet Urn For Collie Dog

 Original, Functional Art Featuring Your Beloved Pet

When you hold one of our handmade pet urns you will be able to feel that this is an original, handmade product. Because every step of the creation process is handled by a skilled human – and never by a machine or assembly line – there is no detail overlooked. Your collie pet urn for ashes you hold so dear was held by hands that lovingly worked the wood and inspected by eyes that sought out any imperfection and replaced the pieces so that the final product is worthy of a place of honor in your home for years to come.

Wooden Pet Urn For Collie Dog

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