In the community of animal owners, some people like dogs, and some love cats, but the ratio is not the same. According to a survey on Todays, up to 74% like dogs, while people who like cats only make up 41%. In other words, it can be concluded that more people prefer dogs.

Have you ever wondered why we like dogs? Dogs have evolved to win our hearts. According to the conclusion of a recent study, this evolution lies in their faces. When you look a dog's face you know immediately what they need (hungry, want to go out, want to be close...) because dogs know how to give hit people's love.

"Dogs can raise their eyebrows or make a sad expression, striking human compassion. Research results show that this ability occurs naturally during human domestication." - quotes Juliane Kaminski, a behavioral scientist from the University of Portsmouth.
Carver Dan also loves dogs, whether in the US or Vietnam. He said, "Don't consider the dog a pet; consider it our friend". A dog can help us to share joys and sorrows in life. Help us live a happier and less lonely life. He also has at least one dog in his house.
He understands consumer tastes, so he created a collection of Dog Puzzle Boxes with various dog breeds and diverse models. With this unique gift, he believes that many will appreciate and cherish it when they receive it.
This box looks very simple, but it's smartly designed. When you open the lid of the box, it will have an extra secret compartment inside. You can put small items like money, gift cards, or maybe a dog collar.

Not stopping there, when you turn the lid of the secret compartment up, you will see words that Carver Dan has engraved on it. "To, From, Date and Occasion." All you need to do is fill in the lines; this gift has become unique and meaningful to the recipient.

Take a look at this BFF box. A cute Shih Tzu dog, isn't it? Next to it has a heart with the words BFF - Best Friend Forever, this gift is nothing better than giving to a best friend.
When National Dog day is celebrated, you can give it to your best friend to show your affection. I'm sure the friendship between the two of you will be stronger.

A Handmade Pet's Keepsake featuring your pet portrait 

Carver Dan's Puzzle Box is also known as the Keepsake box and is a unique way to remember a beloved furry family member or highlight your favorite dog breed. Have you had a family pet recently pass on you that want to remember? It's sad to say goodbye to our "friend" after such a long time together. I know it hurts, turn that sadness into a work of art, and create a beautiful memory. The Dog's Keepsake can rest on a desk, shelf, nightstand, or other flat surface.
Our team of skilled artists makes our hand-carved wooden dog keepsake using hardwoods from the furniture industry. We select wood based on its color and quality and use different pieces of wood that will create the perfect portrait of a pet without using any paints or stains, just the natural color and grain of the wood itself.

Your handmade Dog's Keepsake has a hand-carved wooden dog portrait on the front to help you remember your pet, and the secret compartment can keep a small portion of your dog's ashes safe so that you will have a little piece of your animal friend with you forever, both in spirit and in reality.
This handmade Dog's Keepsake is both a work of art and a memorial, bringing back happy memories while honoring your pet and the role the dig played in your household while they were alive.



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