The crab that lives in the sea has a rugged, tough outer shell that can withstand the impact of waves and storms. The crab symbol represents the external beauty of the Cancer person.

And let's read the article below to understand more about Cancer.


1. Cancer and things to know

1.1 Cancer sign

The constellation Cancer is the fourth constellation in the Zodiac.


The Cancer sign is a Crab with a simple image resembling the horizontal number "69", representing a woman's claws or breasts. At the same time, it also shows respect and appreciation for this sign's feminine and gentle qualities. Folks often have a saying, "as straight as a crab," so people of this sign are sometimes stubborn and challenging to accept the opinions of others.

Thanks to the rigid shell, it is a solid defensive weapon for them to protect themselves and retreat when hurt. It can be seen that some crab species are also defensive by using moss to hide, so Cancer people tend to try to fit in with the environment rigidly and do not want to stand out from the crowd. . Due to their nature, they are always in a state of guarding, their inner feelings are also quite complicated, so they rarely show their thoughts outside.

1.2 Curriculum Vitae

About Cancer

Constellation Name: Cancer
Position in the Zodiac circle: 4th place.
Zodiac Symbol : The Crabs 
Time period: Jun 21 - July 22 
Elemental: Water 
Zodiac Qualities: The Leader 
Main ruling star (Ruler): Moon (symbolizes instincts, moods, aspirations, charm, maturity, and awareness)
Day of the week: Monday

Lucky stones: Moonstone, Emerald, Cat's Eye Gem
Animals: Swan, Cat, Hare 
Color: White, Grey, Silver 
Flowers: White Rose  

Body part: Chest, digestive system

Make friends with: Scorpio, Pisces
Lucky numbers: 4 and 6.
Not suitable for friends: Capricorn 

2. Cancer and the myth

the myth of Cancer

In mythology, Cancer was part of the Twelve Labors of Hercules. While Hercules was busy fighting the multi-headed monster (Hydra), the goddess Hera – who did not like Hercules – sent the Crab to distract him. Cancer grabbed onto the hero’s toe with its claws, but was crushed by Hercule’s mighty foot. Hera, grateful for the little crustacean’s heroic sacrifice, gave it a place in the sky. Given that the crab did not win, the gods didn’t give it any bright stars.

3. Characteristic personality of Cancer

3.1 Cancer people are emotional people

Cancer is more of an emotional person without too much ambition and doesn't give importance to material things. For their loved ones, Cancer always keeps their face gentle and calm.
Cancer Emotional
In addition, Cancer is also very easily swayed by people of the opposite sex.
Cancer always values ​​friendship, is devoted to friends, and does everything to help friends. They know how to encourage and give sincere compliments. Cancer can connect people by putting themselves in their shoes, listening, and understanding.

3.2 Cancer has an erratic personality

Cancer's erarric personality
In conversations with Cancer, if you do not keep up with Cancer's pace, they will quickly get bored and do not want to continue that meaningless conversation. Despite their erratic personality, Cancer tries to control his emotions, keeping everything under control to maintain relationships.

Sometimes female Cancer has an "angry fish cut off the chopping board." They are ready to ignore their lover if the mood is not good.

3.3 Cancer is quite sensitive

Although the crab symbolizes this zodiac sign, it looks sturdy and strong. However, that is only true in work; Cancer disguises a stubborn cover in love affairs to hide the sensitive soul inside. Cancer doesn't know how to deal with being hurt.

Cancer's sensitive

They often gnaw at the pain and take a long time to recover from a broken relationship. Cancer people will be deeply hurt when someone insults Cancer's soul, and they will need a lot of time to forget and heal that hurt. So Cancer is always looking for trust; trust is the most critical factor in maintaining a relationship.

Being a sensitive person doesn't mean Cancer is weak. They are always hardworking and persistent, overcoming difficult situations. In addition, it is their sensitivity that Cancer quickly knows if they bother anyone else. Cancer can be because by small actions, indifferent statements of others, reason, wondering if they have done something wrong, and so on to hurt themselves.

3.4 Cancer has a good memory.

Cancer looks very indifferent; there are things they never seem to notice. But no, Cancer is highly meticulous. Plus, there's unlimited memory so if you've forgotten something or don't remember something well, ask Cancer. They will tell you even details that you didn't know.

With keen observation, skepticism, and good memory, Cancer can ultimately tell if you are cheating on Cancer or not, don't think you can beat Cancer. They are just trying to ignore it. Because they don't want to embarrass you, and they don't like the conversation to come to a dead end.

4. Family and friends

Cancer will turn into great fathers and mothers responsible for children if married. They always care, take care of their family, and do things for everyone in the family to stick, love, and get along with each other. They also have a hobby of saving memories and happy family moments in photo albums or diaries.

In friendship, Cancer is a sincere, kind friend, ready to help when others are in trouble.

However, they do not like the gatherings of friends; they often choose a quiet space at home with a few movies or entertainment games. Those who come into contact with Cancer initially find them very strange and boring, but gradually they will find them kind and benevolent.

Having a friend like Cancer is a blessing. Although Cancer loves spending time with family, that doesn't mean they are 100% introverts. Cancer has good communication skills. They know how to care for and love people.

5. Cancer and personality in love

5.1 In love, what kind of person will Cancer be?

Cancer is an emotional person, so they long to be loved and receive love and sincere affection from everyone. Cancer is dedicated to protecting love and friendship based on mutual understanding and empathy.

Cancer, whether male or female, is instinctive to protect everyone around them. As long as the people they love are in trouble, without hesitation, they will do whatever it takes to protect the interests of those who need them.

Giving people a peaceful life is what Cancer wants to do in his whole life. In some cases, Cancer feels pressured by those instincts. Cancer is used to protect others, making them feel like they have a heavy responsibility to their partner.

Cancer's loves

 5.2 How to get the love of Cancer girl?

Cancer girls are very personable, dreamy, polite, and hate vulgarity. They like to be cared for, cared for, and spoiled by the person they love, like a child. This girl is also very moody, rainy in the morning and afternoon, and difficult to persuade and coax. They love to be given surprise gifts and love sweets and flowers.

Tips: There are kind, gentle gestures to take care of her; she will be very touched!

5.3 How to get the love of Cancer boy?

Cancer boys live very romantic and emotional lives. They are always looking for ways to protect and bring joy to their loved ones. They love children and also like girls with attractive features and childish actions.

Tips: Never be too harsh or tease or criticize too much; he is easy to be narcissistic.

6. Personality at work of Cancer

Cancer is a careful person at work

Cancer people always think carefully and thoroughly before acting. They often analyze and evaluate the probability of success, and when they have decided on what to do, they will focus all their resources on accomplishing the goal. With cautious people at work like Cancer, always build backup plans to ensure they can complete the task excellently.

Cancer can observe very well; sometimes, we feel they are too sensitive and suspicious about everything around us. However, that sensitivity has repeatedly helped Cancer avoid pitfalls and dangers in work and life.

 Cancer is persistent, hardworking and independent

If you are a Cancer, when looking for a job, you must consider the right environment to develop your talents and build relationships with friends and colleagues. It would help if you worked in quiet places, away from outside noise, because this factor will adversely affect your health and work spirit.

It makes you lose interest and unable to concentrate on work. Moreover, a job always involves meeting new strangers and is also unsuitable for your personality. You are suitable for a stable, quiet, low-pressure environment.


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