Is your little angel about to change teeth? A visit from the Tooth Fairy is a fun way for children and parents to celebrate the milestone of losing a baby tooth.

Is your little angel about to change teeth? A visit from the Tooth Fairy is a fun way for children and parents to celebrate the milestone of losing a baby tooth. Carver Dan will introduce you to a few ideas in the article below. But first, we must find out the Tooth Fairy's history.

The History of the Tooth Fairy

The origins of the tooth fairy stem from an evolution of sorts that spans centuries. The legend of the Tooth Fairy is distinct across many different cultures. Some cultures dispose of lost teeth by throwing the teeth into a fire, others throw them over a roof of a home and some choose to bury them. Early European traditions buried the teeth to guard against hardships the child might face, while other cultures would wear their children's teeth for good luck during battle. One of the more recent European traditions believed there was a toothed deity (in the form of a mouse) who entered the children's rooms to take away their baby teeth.

When Does a Child Lose the First Tooth?

Usually, a child loses their first baby tooth around age six and finishes around age 12. While there's plenty of variation in this schedule, if your child looses their first tooth before age 3 or 4, it's a cause for concern.


Tooth Fairy Storage Ideas 

1. Tooth Fairy Pillow 

Pillows may be designed and personalized according to their very own individual specifications. Some will embroider a picture of a girl on it, a child's name or a message to the tooth fairy such as: "Tooth Fairy, please stop here."


2. Tooth Fairy Tin 

With this item, you have many ways to make it from everyday items found in your home. Some use tin cans or other similar type containers.

Design them according to the child's taste, for girls we can paint them pink, or draw pictures like little princess, generally anything you can draw. Are all applicable.

Instead of ordering, we can DIY them the way we want, making them more meaningful than ever.

3. Tooth Fairy Pouch 

One more DIY idea. I have to say this idea is adorable and super simple. What you need to prepare is: Felt: White, yellow, light blue (or another color for wings), Embroidery floss, Scissors, Needle.

It's that simple. Come on, let's get to work.

Cut out one crown and one set of wings. Cut out two teeth, and embroider a face on one of them. With the set of wings, we will sew on the back of the bag.

Holding the front and back together, continue stitching (now through both layers) around the side, bottom, and back up to the top. The sides and bottom should be sewn together, but the top will remain open. And that's it; we can put our teeth in it and keep it in a secret place.


4. Tooth Fairy Wooden Box

Any gift made of wood is delicate and beautiful, right?

To tell you, Carver Dan is also a big fan of the Tooth Fairy. He understood that the presence of the Tooth Fairy could help reduce the children's fear of losing their baby teeth, so he designed and created a Tooth Fairy Puzzle Box in the shape of a little Tooth Fairy. The box size is not too big, but contains a significant meaning and story inside it.

The Tooth Fairy puzzle box can be used to decorate the home or bedroom because the box was designed to be very flexible as it can stand and also be hung on the wall.

At first glance, the box seems very simple, but no, there are two compartments inside it. When you open the box, you will see a storage space lined with black velvet, the uniqueness of the box does not stop there. After the velvet bottom, there is a secret false bottom which may be used to permanently store baby teeth.

All you need to do is remove the nickel-plated hanger from the top of the Tooth Fairy Box. It now acts as the "key" to open the false bottom. Insert one end of the key into the tiny hole in the center of the black velvet bottom. Touch the opposite end of the key to the velvet surface, and twist slightly upward. The false bottom will pop off.

Only parents can access this compartment. Your child will never know you're saving childhood memories forever. 

I hope that after reading this article, you can consider to make something meaningful for your child when she loses her baby teeth. Don't forget to read the blog about Tooth Fairy for boys. 

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