Remember Your Boxer's Spirit

Boxers are known for being affectionate, playful and quirky. They are excellent pals for adults as well as kids and make lifelong impressions on our hearts. Some say that Boxers are the comedians of all dogs because of their funny personalities. With boundless energy, Boxers do best with younger owners and with families who can keep up with them. Training and exercise is key to having a well behaved pet Boxer as they tend to be highly excitable.  These sweet dogs have an endless supply of love and affection to give and expect to receive the same in return.  Even if they aren’t allowed to, a Boxer will still wiggle their way up to your bed to snuggle knowing that you can’t say no.  Having one of these loyal companions is a blessing in a person or family’s life and when the time comes, nothing can prepare you to have to say goodbye. Their memory can be kept close by with wonderful pictures and stories as well as with a loving rendition of a time once had.

Hand-carved Wooden Pet Urn Boxer

 Hand-Carved Cremation Box

The selection of a final resting place for your special pup can be a daunting task.  A character as unique as your pet Boxer’s deserves something of a similar notion.  Traditional urns can be just that, plain and non-notable, getting lost on the shelf whereas having a hand carved portrait to look over and see will help bring a familiar comfort into your heart.  We source exceptional hardwood for our artists to carve and piece together a striking image of a Boxer on the front.   We don't use paints or stains; just the natural color of the hardwood.  The finished product is given a protective clear coating to help preserve the beautiful finish of the piece. To store a portion of the ashes or other keepsakes from your pup, remove the small circular piece from the back, place your item(s) and reinsert to keep secure.

Hand-Carved Wooden Boxer Pet Urn

 A Commemorative Keepsake For Your Boxer

The urn, though sturdy and strong, can fit in many smaller display areas and is designed to be showcased sitting upright or among pictures on the wall.  Typically a person who is not aware of the portrait’s function will not even know that it is also an urn.  Although nothing can take away the sadness and grief of losing your sidekick, our handmade pet portrait urns are a special way to pay tribute to the life of a Boxer who will always hold a place in your heart.

Wooden Pet Urn Boxer

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