A Special Farewell Gift Dedicated To Your Loving Dachshund

You picked out a short legged, long bodied pup years ago and brought him or her home to become part of your family. They became a huge part of you and your family’s life, bringing laughter and joy everyday into your hearts.  You never knew how fun it would be to have a dachshund following your every move and encouraging you to play. Although they can be called many different kinds of things like weiner dog, sausage dog or badger dog one thing everyone can agree to call them is “cute” because of their short stature.  These specific breeds tend to have a sweet, yet bossy, personality and demand a lot of attention.  As time passed by your little dachshund friend grew older and you knew you would have to sadly say goodbye. The times you shared with your loving companion being forever ingrained in your heart.  

Honor Your Pet's Life

Now that your friend has passed, you have some important choices to make. How do you choose the right way to celebrate the life of a pet who joined you for part of your journey, a friend who made you feel special every time you walked through the door? As you try to navigate through this difficult time, know that there is a special way to honor the life of your pet that’s crossed over the rainbow bridge. 

Pet Cremation is the Most Common Choice

Over ninety percent of people choose to have their pet cremated, requiring them to select an urn for the remains.  Traditional urns are lackluster, unoriginal and dull and do not highlight any of a pet’s unique characteristics.  Carver Dan was inspired by a friend who lost a pet and had this same concern.  So he decided to hand carve a portrait resembling their pet and saw how much joy it brought to the family in such a painful time. He decided to continue making pet portrait urns so that others could also find some comfort in having a one of a kind vessel with their dog’s sweet face on display. 


Hand-Carved Wooden Pet Urns Made With Care

Each urn is made by a talented artist’s hands with the highest quality hardwoods, lasting decades if not more. Every piece is carefully chosen according to color and texture then shaped and assembled, collectively creating the image on the front. A coat of varnish is then applied for shine and protection against scratches. All of the coloring in each urn is natural, coming from specific types of wood not paints or stains. 

As a pet lover, seeing your dog’s wooden portrait hanging on the wall or on the shelf helps keep their memory alive. You can feel good about having a special gift made for your dog’s final resting place or keepsakes and knowing that they are still near.

Pet Urn DachshundPet Urn Dachshund
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