Frenchies Make Life Better

French Bulldogs are patient and affectionate with their owners, making them great friends.  Being highly agreeable and people oriented, these sweet companions are easy to train and create a strong bond with their owners.  Although they mainly aim to please, they can also be quite stubborn at times.  All of those characteristics combined are some of the many reasons why people love Frenchies so much. Having a sweet playful friend makes life less stressful and more enjoyable.  When a precious pal like a Frenchie passes away, a part of your heart goes with it.  It is a very sad and difficult time to endure and we understand your pain.

Wooden Hand-Carved Frenchie Urn

A Hand-Carved Portrait of a French Bulldog

Our hand carved pet urns to help you remember your companion and all the love they brought into your life.  The details in the wood are fine and precise making it easy to recall the way your French Bulldog looked and felt. Various mallets and chisels are used to cut and shape as many as eight different types of hardwood to create the portrait on the front of the urn.  All of the wood is upcycled from neighboring furniture factories that would otherwise be discarded and carved by experienced artisans. Carver Dan’s pet urns are only finished with a coat of lacquer, as we never use any paints or stains in the process.

Frenchie Cremation Box

Safely Store Your Pet's Remains

A small niche on the back of the urn supplies a place to safely store your beloved pet’s remains. The hand carved pet portrait urns are designed to be placed on display on a desk, as art on a wall or anywhere you will be able to glance up and be reminded of your Frenchie.

Wooden Pet Urn for French Bulldog

 A Timeless Way to Remember a Lost Friend

Because of the quality of the wood we use, each urn is extremely durable and will last for generations to come. French Bulldog’s leave behind a memory that is tender and dear and we know that you want to keep their spirit near even after they are gone.  Having a friend like a French Bulldog is like no other.  We hope that being able to look up and see that they are still near will bring peace and comfort to your heart. 

Handmade Wooden Pet Urn French Bulldog

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