A Beagle's Love Stays Forever

It’s little wonder why the beagle is such a beloved breed of dog. Popular for hundreds of years now, beagles are smart, kind, easy-going, loyal, predictable, and loving little dogs. These are all reasons why losing a beagle is all the harder for the loving pet owner. Most beagles live for somewhere between 10 and 15 years, but the place they occupy in an owner’s heart will live on forever. How then to commemorate that plucky black, brown, and white dog you loved and lost? We think our hand carved beagle pet urns are the best way by far.

Wooden Pet Beagle Urn

 Hand Crafted to Last 

Our hand carved pet urns feature multiple breeds of dog and cat, and our artists have managed to capture the charm and temperament of the beagle perfectly. Your hand carved wooden beagle pet urn has a portrait of a beagle that captures to warm temperament of the breed created entirely by hand selected and hand carved pieces of varied color of hardwood. Our artists use hardwood sourced from the high quality furniture industry and each and every piece of wood used is carefully chosen based on color and grain. Your beagle pet portrait is created entirely with wood and without any paints or stains used to change the color of the natural materials.

Wooden Pet Urn Beagle Hand Carved

On the back of our beagle pet urn is a recessed nook into which you can inter some of the ashes of your lost buddy, keeping a bit of the dog with you forever, just as you are keeping the memories alive every time you see the carved beagle image in the front of the handmade pet urn.


 A Portrait of Your Pet to Help Bring Back Your Smile

A pet portrait urn of a beagle is also a great gift for a friend or family member who has lost a beagle they loved. It will be a touching gesture that lets them know you know how much they cared about their furry friend and that will help soften the sting of loss in the days following the dog’s death and that will bring joy in the years to come when they remember those happier times when their beagle was alive.

Every hand carved hardwood pet urn we make is durable and solid and protected with a coat of lacquer. These wooden portrait urns will last for years and will keep the ashes of a passed pet safe for posterity. We can’t help bring back a pet who has died, but our handmade dog and cat pet urns that feature lovely portraits of various breeds can bring back memories every time you see them.

Beagle Pet Urn Wood

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