The Purrfect Gift for a Grieving Cat Owner

Longhair cats are beautiful specimens with soft, long coats and friendly dispositions.  They aren’t too needy or independent making them perfect housemates.  Fancy breeds such as the Persian and Main Coon do however need a little more care than their short haired cousins.  A person can expect to dedicate around 20 minutes a week brushing their coats to make sure they are free of tangles and matting. Owners of these luxurious breeds take pride in their cat’s health and appearance. Friendly cats like longhairs love to rub your leg as they walk by to get a quick scratch or to ask for a delicious treat. Answer their call and they will let you know their content with a loud purr. Sharing your life with one of these majestic felines is pure joy. That is why it is incredibly hard when a sweet cat companion dies.  
Wooden Black Cat Pet Urn


Decorative Urns That Provide Comfort

As you process the pain that accompanies the death of an adored pet, there are other things that need to be considered as well. Cremation being one of the most popular decisions in handling a pet’s remains leaves one with having to choose an appropriate vessel to secure his/her ashes. Cat and dog urns are usually standard in shape and size. Due to their average appearance, they can get lost or forgotten about on a shelf or mantle.  Choosing a pet portrait urn is a one of a kind way to commemorate the life of your cat. 

Cat Urn on display

Handmade Keepsakes Cherishing Your Dear Cat

Carver Dan’s pet portrait urns are made by chiseling and shaping various colors of hardwoods to piece together an artful image like your late friend. Paints and stains are never used in the process, leaving you with a product that is completely natural besides the finishing coat of lacquer.  While the front of the urn features a portrait, the back of the urn has a small recess that safely holds your pet’s remains or any other small keepsakes you wish to cherish. One of the best features about these urns is that they don’t have to get lost on the bookcase, they can be hung on the wall displayed as art. Each time you look over, you can be reminded of the sweet memories made with your cat and  know that the last gift given was made from the heart.

 Hand Carved Black Cat Keepsake on Wall

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