Leo is one of the 12 zodiac signs with a strong, independent personality. The group of people belonging to this sign all have similar characteristics. Many searchers want to know more about themselves or someone. Let's learn with Carver Dans  about the legend of the male and female Lions, which month they are born in, which sign is compatible with...

1. Leo and things to know

1.1 Leo sign

The constellation Leo is the fifth constellation in the Zodiac.


Leo is one of the three zodiac signs (Aries and Sagittarius) belonging to the fire element group. This group of elements is significant to human civilization.

Fire is the source of creation, expressing the will and aspiration of each person. If Aries is the first fire, Leo is the fire of power. The most potent and bravest sign of all is Leo.

1.2 Curriculum Vitae

Constellation Name: Leo
Position in the Zodiac circle: 5th place.
Zodiac Symbol : The Lion 
Time period: July 23 - August 22 
Elemental: Fire
Zodiac Qualities: Organized person
Main ruling star (Rules): Sun (symbolizes strength, power, position, abundant energy and charm)
Day of the week: Sunday

Lucky stones: Rubies, Diamonds.
Animals: Dog, leopard, canary
Color:  red, yellow, orange

Flowers: Sunflower, virgin flower

Body part: Heart, back

Make friends with: Taurus, Scorpio
Lucky numbers: 1, 4 and 6
Not suitable for friends: Aquarius

2. Leo and the myth

Hercules, the hero in many Greek myths, received orders from King Eurystheus of Tiryns to perform twelve extraordinarily arduous and dangerous tasks, which later became the legend of the twelve feats of Hercules. The first was to tame a man-eating lion in the Nemea jungle. Hercules attacked the monster with his bow and sword as soon as it appeared before him.

However, the enemy was originally a superhuman, immortal lion with a body that was not afraid of swords and bows. Hercules was wrapped around his neck by it and held in his arms with all great strength. But in the end, that super lion was no exception to Hercules's incredible power and fighting ability, so he was destroyed. This one-of-a-kind lion has been honoured for one of Hercules' illustrious feats.

3. Characteristic personality of Leo

The lion is the lord of the jungle; it uses its power to tear the opponent to pieces, making other animals also fear. Leo people always want to show their authority and strength to gain the trust, respect, and submission of others.

3.1 Leo is a person with ideals and aspirations

 With the nature of a Leo, Leo always builds for himself the ideal belief and goal that they will become the leaders, dominating all those around them.

This somewhat subjective confidence sometimes makes Leo very easy to be harmed and deceived by others. Because the stronger and more talented a person is, the more enemies, he will have. Leo is only absorbed in managing others without paying attention to the things around him. When evil people are out to harm them, they will fall into a passive position, unable to turn back.

3.2 Leo are highly possessive

Whether in friendship or love, Leo shows the management of others, sometimes that management makes people feel very constrained and frustrated. This has become an extremely bad weakness of the Lion that needs to be overcome if he wants a long-term friendship and love.

3.3 Leo is a relaxed, liberal person

 It can be said that Leo is the type of person who values ​​appearance, loves freedom, and is liberal. Therefore, Leo ignores all views of pure customs. Leo breaks loose and wears what he likes. But in the end, Leos still want to be praised and recognized by others.

The lion will not be wary of enemies or care what those around him think. Even if someone shows jealousy, Leo doesn't care. Only when the enemy deliberately obstructs and makes life difficult they use their power to protect themselves from danger and evil.

3.4 Leo loves to be worshipped and praised

It can be seen that the people of the Leo sign are born with characteristics, the will to glory, authority, and status, and want everyone to bow to them. So every time they achieve a feat, the Lions brag like children. This sometimes makes people feel that Leos are pompous about fame.

Leo yearns for the support and love of everyone and sees it as a motivation to continue conquering the challenges on the way ahead. If Lions are despised by others, they will close themselves to a dark room, isolated from the outside world.

 4. Family and friends

Among the 12 signs of the Zodiac, Leo is known as the most easy-going, generous and generous sign. They will not hesitate to organize a great party to invite friends to attend. They want a bustling, fun space that can bring people together.

Leo lives in the community, rarely alone. They love to meet, socialize, make friends and build many intimate relationships. In friendship, Leo is loyal; once they find a true friend, that friendship will last for the rest of their lives.

Leo uses instinctive power to protect friends and relatives, especially family members. They will not allow anyone to offend or touch the family's interests. If anyone does it on purpose, the Lion will force himself fiercely to make the enemy run away in fear.

5. Leo and personality in love

5.1 In love, what kind of person will Leo be?

Leo loves passionately, sincerely and frankly. They do not have lies about their feelings, what they feel, they will honestly confess. Leos tend to choose a mate with similar interests, intelligence and humour.

They want their relationship to be based on mutual trust; Leo doesn't want to be restrained but loves to manage the person they love.

Once they are in love with someone, they will be willing to sacrifice themselves and do everything to make that person happy and happy.

5.2 How to get the love of Leo girl?

Girls under the sign of Leo have a very attractive appearance, always attracting the attention of everyone around. They like pompous, elegant, ambitious and determined guys.

When in love, Leo women are very loyal and passionate and always want to do everything to help the one they love. They like to be praised, like unexpected, valuable gifts.

Tip: On your first date, take her to a fancy restaurant.

5.3 How to get the love of Leo boy?

Leo boys like girls who can listen, share and offer ideas to help them when needed.

To win him over, listen attentively to the feats he shows you, and don't interrupt him. In love, Leo boys are very strict but equally romantic as romantic movies.

Tip: Compliment his positives!

6. Personality at work of Leo

When you promise something, Leo will try to fulfil it well. One thing about Leos that few people can do is control their own lives before mastering others.

Leo shows confidence and creativity at work, desires to work independently, and builds their career.

Leo loves freedom, and independence, likes to communicate and make friends with many people, and it seems they were born with a passion for power.


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