Pug Hand-Carved Pet Portrait


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Made from recycled exotic hardwoods, Carver Dan's Pet Portraits are a unique way to pay tribute to a cherished pet. The Pug Hand-Carved Pet Portrait can be displayed on a shelf, a mantle or even hung on the wall. Each portrait is designed with a small opening in the back to securely store dog tags, a collar, or even the ashes of your beloved pet.  Memorialize the life of your pet with a unique, handmade piece of functional art that will last for generations to come.

► Hand-carved from recycled hardwoods
► No Paints! No Stains!
► Red is Mangosteen
► Yellow is Boxwood
► White is Birch
► Tan is Beech
► Black is Walnut


A pug is one of the cutest small dogs in the world. They were once treated like royalty by the Chinese and ranked near the top among the most popular dog breeds. Pugs have even been featured in blockbuster movies like "Men in Black" which helped gain popularity in more recent times.

 Losing such an ancient, beloved and now famous breed of dog like a pug is sad for anybody that has had the pleasure of owning one. The loss of any form of life has a major impact on the feeling of the days moving forward. At Carver Dan’s we offer our heartfelt condolences with your loss. Our Hand-Carved Pug Urn will feature your pup's familiar charm as an adorable three-dimensional carved image. On the back and inside there is sealing recess designed to securely store your pet's ashes or other keepsakes that have been left behind.

The Pug's comical face, with deep wrinkles around big, dark eyes and a flat round face, can't help but make you smile and sometimes just laugh out loud. This special breed of dogs are loved by everyone around the world and it’s believed that the Pug's name comes from the Latin word for "fist" because the face resembles that of a human fist. Also, In the latter 1500's and early 1600's, China began trading with European countries. Reportedly, the first Pugs brought to Europe came with the Dutch traders, who named the breed Mopshond, a name that is still used today.

Your beautiful Pug Urn can be displayed on a shelf, desk or mounted on the wall among pictures of the happy days when your wonderful friend was always by your side. With this Urn your beloved pet will again be by your side as they will always be in your heart. We know our urns will add beauty and elegance to your home no matter where you decide to place it.

Our Hand-Carved Pug Hardwood Urns are entirely made of by hand, precisely cut and chiseled, then inlaid in a mosaic art-form.  Since our carvings are hand-made, each one will be slightly different from each other making them one of a kind just like your pug.

Our Pet Memorial Urns are crafted using various hardwoods which provide the colors and textures you see in each piece of art. We never use paints or stains in creating the realistic Pug portrait. Our hand carved Pug Urns are made with the natural colors of the wood, you can count on them keeping their looks forever; these hardwood keepsakes won’t fade or discolor over the years, just as your memories.

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