The Local Markets in Vietnam

The Local Markets in Vietnam

The local market in Vietnam called “ Cho “ is one of the unique cultural features that gives foreign visitors a peek into Vietnamese culture. Although there are supermarkets, most Vietnamese people choose to go to the local market. The markets have a better selection of goods and potentially lower prices since you can bargain for deals.

“Ben Thanh Market “ ( One of the symbols in HoChiMinh City)


Markets in Vietnam are divided into different categories. There are markets where you have essential items for your home such as household tools, kitchen utensils, clothing, fabric, silk,and personal hygiene items etc. but the majority of markets in Vietnam sell food such as vegetables, meat, eggs, and local food.


This market sells household tools.


Fabric market ( silk , cotton ,etc.) 


Cosmetics and personal hygeine.

Unlike Supermarkets, the local market sells many similar items with different stalls and prices. Buyers have more choices for shopping and help support the community by purchasing from individual merchants.

Most local markets sell food such as a variety of vegetables, fruits, beef (all types of meat), eggs, flowers or processed food.

Vegetables in Vietnam are very abundant. Almost every Vietnamese meal has vegetables cooked in many styles.

Different kinds of eggs.

In Vietnam, in addition to chicken eggs they also use duck eggs, quail eggs ,century eggs,.etc.

The local market in Vietnam is a cultural symbol and has been recognized by Unesco as a national cultural specialty. People head to the market to pick up their groceries on a daily basis as most people do not have large refridgerators if one at all for storing food. Protiens are often even sold live for the customer to butcher at home including the seafood which is displayed and sold right out of their holding tanks.  One thing is for sure, you will always have an abundance of fresh food varieties at your fingertips when living or visting Vietnam.