Scorpio is 8th out of the 12 Zodiacs. It is one of the 4 Fixed signs (along with Leo, Taurus and Aquarius) and one of the 3 signs of the Water element (along with Cancer and Pisces). So what is this sign and what is their love like? Let's find out through the article below!

1. Scorpio and things to know

1.1 Scorpio sign

The constellation Libra is the 8th constellation in the Zodiac.


People of Scorpio according to astrology will be born on October 23 - October 21, Scorpio is 8th in the 12 Zodiac, belonging to the Water element along with Cancer and Pisces. The Scorpio symbol is known as the image of the Scorpion with a fierce, dangerous look that makes people scared, waxy and deadly. And so are Scorpio people, they build a cover with a cold appearance, know how to control their emotions, so when they meet for the first time, no one can guess.

1.2 Curriculum Vitae

Constellation Name: Scorpio
Position in the Zodiac circle: 8th place.
Zodiac Symbol : The Scorpion
Time period: September 23 - October 21 
Elemental: Water 
Zodiac Qualities: Fixation
Main ruling star (Rules): Pluto (symbolizes awareness, birth and death, steady but gradual growth, rebirth and secrecy)
Day of the week: Sunday

Lucky stones: Red Coral, Bloodstone and Yellow Sapphire
Animals: Snake and Leo
Color: Red and Brown

Flowers: Chrysanthemums and Azaleas

Body part: Reproductive organs

Make friends with: Aquarius and Leo
Lucky numbers: 2, 7 and 9 
Not suitable for friends: Taurus

2. Scorpio and the myth 

Orion was a mighty and fearless hunter, so great in fact that he vowed to kill every animal on the Earth. Gaia, the goddess of the Earth and protector of the animals, was angered by Orion and asked Scorpio, a giant scorpion, to kill Orion before he could harm the animals. Scorpio attacked Orion and stung him with his stinger. As a reward for his bravery and for saving the lives of all of the animals, Gaia placed Scorpio in the night sky. He is seen chasing Orion across the sky during the year. Orion is allowed to hunt peacefully in the winter, but as spring comes, Scorpio rises chasing Orion out of the sky.

3. Characteristic personality of Scorpio

Scorpios are often intelligent, have deep and strong personal relationships. Children born under this sign are often intelligent before their age. Many astrologers call this sign "the oldest souls".

People of the Scorpio sign are often quiet and secretive, making it difficult for others to understand their personality even if they have known them for a long time. They often disguise themselves, saying "no" when they mean "yes".

Although there are different characteristics for each person born under this sign, one main characteristic is the eyes.

Their eyes have a hypnotic power and a mysterious magic power, like see through, making the other person dare not look directly. Their eyes lit up with a fire of emotion that words could not describe.

People belonging to the constellation Scorpio have great changes in the formation of their personality. If you look closely, you will see that the characteristics of lightness, enjoyment, and laziness suddenly turn into an intense personality, the bravery to fight one-on-one.

Scorpio will never care, look at the rich and successful life of someone else, nor do they have the habit of relying on people around. Scorpio is self-sufficient, has no interest in other people's things.

Their personality is also reflected in the way they decorate and arrange items in the house. The cold tones show the strong, fierce and lonely in this person..

 4. Family and friends

In Scorpio, you will easily notice that there are two most prominent qualities that are loyal and kind. In terms of friendship, they are willing to sacrifice and help their friend in any situation. To have a true friend, Scorpio takes a lot of time and effort to thoroughly research. Not everyone is a Scorpio who considers a friend, but once someone has caught the eye, the relationship is sure to last for a long time.

With their enthusiasm and understanding, Scorpio will solve the problem in the best way. People of this sign rarely raise their voice or let others capture their feelings. They don't like romantic actions. Scorpio will not run to hug their lover in front of everyone.

For their family, Scorpio wholeheartedly takes care and builds a happy home. Even though they are busy with work, they also try to find time to be with their loved ones. Scorpios are always funny people who bring joy and laughter to everyone even when they are facing many difficulties in life.

5. Scorpio and personality in love

Scorpio can be a secretive and mysterious person, but in love, all of Scorpio's attention is on the lover. In the eyes of Scorpio, the opponent is the whole galaxy. You always try to express your sincere feelings for that person through every word. Every sentence, every word is filled with love.

 Tips for a date with Scorpio

If you are having a crush on a Scorpio girl or boy, on your first date, you must remember:

       >>>>>Things not to do

1. Do not lie around, that will make you not impress Scorpio. If you get caught, you'll probably get in trouble.

2. Don't ask too hard questions about Scorpio's private life right from the beginning of the story.

3. Don't try to tell them to listen to your opinion.

4. Don't be unnatural, shy.

5. Do not have too intimate gestures.

6. Don't reveal too soon about your relationship to your friends and people around.

7. Do not post problems or conversations of two people on social networks. Scorpio is a very private person, they will not like what you do.

8. In the story, whether it's right or wrong, you shouldn't argue harshly with Scorpio. They will get angry and leave.

        >>>>>Things to do

1. Wearing outstanding costumes, creating attractiveness and charm.

2. Choose a date that is warm and mysterious, stimulating the curiosity of Scorpio.

3. During the date, listen to their stories attentively.

4. Share your honest feelings and thoughts.

5. Be honest about your hobbies and passions. Find out Scorpio's personality and passion.

6. Give Scorpio a surprise gift.

7. Open an invitation for the next date, be it a movie night or to an amusement park.

8. Talk attractive, attractive, confident about yourself.

6. Personality at work of Scorpio

People of this sign have the ability to focus on work and handle situations quickly and with high accuracy. When working with anyone, Scorpion puts mutual respect first, which is also the key to maintaining a relationship. They always give their colleagues absolute respect and they want others to have the same attitude towards them.

With a curious personality, wanting to discover new things, Scorpio can also assert themselves in fields such as a chemist, a healer or a spy, detective.. No Nothing can stand in the way of their determination to achieve their goals.

Scorpio people are quite good at making money, so they are always well off financially. However, they are very thrifty, do not spend indiscriminately, without purpose. Therefore, people under the sign of Scorpio often hold many great assets, live in wealth and luxury.


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