"HOT like FIRE" - That's the first thing that makes up the personality of Sagittarius! With the blessing of the Fire God, Sagittarius has a characteristic of the Fire group - intense, fierce, fiery bronze and straight like a horse's guts; think about it, so their personalities cannot be mixed with any other constellation.

1. Sagittarius and things to know

1.1 Sagittarius Sign

The constellation Sagittarius is the 9th constellation in the Zodiac.

Sharp and pointed arrows symbolize Sagittarius. In the Sumerian legend, people also know Sagittarius by the image of a monster with a human head and a fierce horse body.

However, it turns out to be a thoughtful and kind Chiron in the legend of Rome. These factors determine the character of Sagittarius people, at times cheerful and humorous but also formidable and ferocious.

1.2 Curriculum Vitae


Constellation Name: Sagittarius
Position in the Zodiac circle: 9th place.
Zodiac Symbol : The Archer 
Time period:  Nov 21 - Dec 20
Elemental: Fire
Zodiac Qualities: Variationn
Main ruling star (Ruler): Jupiter (the constellation that gives Sagittarius luck in love, money, career, ...)
Day of the week: Thursday
Lucky stones: Turquoise stone
Animals: Butterfly
Color: Dark Purple, Yellow
Flowers: Orchid
Body part: Hips and thighs
Make friends with: Virgo and Pisces
Lucky numbers: 3,5 and 8.
Not suitable for friends: Gemini 

2. Sagittarius and the myth

In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is commonly thought to represent a centaur, a war-like creature with the torso of a man and the body of a horse. Sagittarius is most often associated with Crotus, the son of Pan (the goat-god) and Eupheme (the Muses' nurse).

3. Characteristic personality of Sagittarius

Bearing the symbol of a god with a human head, a horse body with a majestic appearance and a set of deadly poisoned bows and arrows hanging behind his back, Sagittarius has a very high "beast character". Robust, solid, and highly agile is the hallmark of Sagittarius.

- Sagittarius has a massive "Ego". In their hearts, they always promote themselves. They know how to reveal their strengths to make others acknowledge their abilities subtly.

- As people who value the TRUE value in life, they are always honest. They hate crookedness and lies. Any lie will make Sagittarius extremely angry and want to get to the bottom of the truth.

- To talk about the personality of Sagittarius, we can gather around the word "POLY" - exclusive, domineering and malicious. Straightforward and steadfast in what they believe, Sagittarius people rarely change their opinion unless they realize they are wrong.

              Advantages of Sagittarius

Sensitive, logical thinking and very quick in handling situations, Sagittarius is second only to Gemini in intelligence.

- Humor, sociability, and optimism excite people when around Sagittarius. You will never stop laughing with the "muddy" and "buggy", plus the charm in making jokes next to Sagittarius.

              Defect of Sagittarius

Quick thinking, but Sagittarius has a habit of being "lazy to think"! - In addition, the straightforwardness and lack of tact is also significant weakness of Sagittarius. Because of its straightforward "thinking and saying" personality, this Zodiac sign often makes others lose heart.

4. Family and Friend

With his personality, Sagittarius has many friendships everywhere. They have people who love them wherever they go because of their sense of humour and sincerity. They like to create an atmosphere full of fun and laughter, and only people with similar interests, similar personalities, Sagittarius will consider friends.

Despite having a comprehensive relationship, not everyone Sagittarius considers a soul mate. They only become close when the relationship is harmonious and lasting. Sagittarius will never sit back and watch when their friend is in trouble.

They are willing to sacrifice themselves to help others overcome difficulties in life. At times, Sagittarius' opinions and comments will offend you, but they are sincere advice.

For Sagittarius, nothing can be more important than their family. They are even willing to give up everything for their family members. Sometimes family members feel that Sagittarius is too busy playing, stubborn and does not care about everyone in the family. But they always bring joy, and a comfortable atmosphere to everyone in the house.

5. Sagittarius and personality in love

People of this sign are like horses, loving the wild and freedom. Therefore, the ties in love make Sagittarius feel highly uncomfortable. But as they grow up, Sagittarius has to adapt to being controlled by others, focusing wholeheartedly on their family, not on endless fun with friends. Sagittarius, once they want to leave a relationship, even if the other person tries to hold on, they still find a way to get out.

In terms of love, Sagittarius has traits that are worthy of praise. They are neither blindly jealous nor controlling. They know how to build solid trust in the relationship. They believe that men and women are equal and have equal rights in modern society.

If you want to start a long-term relationship, you need to know Sagittarius is a person of many types. A person with a strange, wild, rough personality. People are gentle, quick, and kind. Sagittarius will get angry and destroy everything when forced and controlled by others.

When seeing signs of love, Sagittarius will boldly move forward and conquer the opponent. This person will not easily pass up any opportunity presented to him. If they are determined, it will not take long for them to win.

6. Personality at work of Sagittarius

Sagittarius are people with good intuition. Faced with an opportunity, they often use their intuition to judge how likely it is to succeed. If that work is possible, Sagittarius will immediately rush to work in the most agile and effective way to achieve the goal. They know how to seize the moment and use the correct language at the right time.

This person's outstanding and commendable character is courage, courage and willingness to challenge difficulties and dangers. Therefore, Sagittarius will do well at the job of an explorer and journalist. That job will help ignite their passion for discovering and exploring interesting things in life.--

In the eyes of Sagittarius's colleagues, they are funny, optimistic and very liberal. They always know how to refresh your life and workspace. They admire your calm attitude towards challenges and the honesty in your words. However, sometimes they will get mad at your philosophy lectures.
In the eyes of subordinates, Sagittarius is a great and responsible boss. You always make plans and new directions suitable and effective. They inspire and push people to try to move forward at work. People around them will admire their creativity and ability to organize their work.

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    This is me… I call it my CRAZY.LOL


    This is me… I call it my CRAZY.LOL

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