Pugs Make Fine Companions

Since pugs have been bred for centuries strictly as companion breeds, you more than likely won’t catch these little guys hunting any pests or being overly active. They can mostly be found close by, usually right at your feet ready to accept attention.  You can rely on a pet pug to be a good listener in times of need. While telling them your side of the story they will tilt their head side to side in an attempt to understand.  It doesn’t matter that they can’t talk back, sometimes all you need is just someone to listen. They are undeniably funny little dogs with googly eyes, curly tails and wrinkly smiles. Only pug owners know how silly they are with their snorts, reverse sneezing fits and playful attitudes. They make great pets for families with children because of their size and friendly personalities as well as for single owners who are looking for a travel companion.  

Wooden Handcrafted Pug Pet Urn

 The Perfect Keepsake for a Pug Owner

Finding a gift for a grieving pug owner can be challenging.  You want to find the right way to say that you are thinking about them and let them know that you truly care.  It’s always such a heartbreaking time in anyone’s life to say goodbye to their best friend.  We know, we have been there too.  As a way to bring back a little joy into your loved one’s heart consider gifting them a hand carved wooden pet portrait resembling their sweet pet pug.  Not only do these portraits act as a memorial but they are also designed to hold up to four ounces of a pet’s ashes or perhaps a lock of their hair.  

Wooden Hand-Carved Pet Urn Pug

 Hand-Carved Pet Urns Made with Care

Every one of our pet portrait urns are made entirely by hand using various tools to carve sustainable hardwoods.  Our artists work on each piece with the intention of creating an image that holds true to the nature of the breed.  Since none of the work is done by machine, no two pet urns are ever exactly alike. The colors alone come from different species of trees, never paints or stains.  We polish each piece and then seal them with a coat of varnish for protection and durability.

Wooden Pet Urn Pug

 A Unique Pug Portrait That Keeps Them Near

The memories of the time that was shared with a precious pug stays in an owner’s heart forever.  Being able to look over and see those sweet eyes again staring back would bring pure joy.  Seeing the eyes of a hand made portrait of a pug knowing that it was made with love may help ease some of the pain. Each pet urn is capable of being hung on the wall or traditionally placed on the mantle or displayed on a shelf.  This is not just an urn, it is a gift that will help keep the memory of a sweet lost friend alive. 

Wooden Handmade Pug Pet Urn

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