Gift Box for Gift Card or Cash

Never Give An Impersonal Gift Again!

Chances are you have given and received many gift cards for all sorts of occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers even weddings! It's the most convenient and easiest way to give gifts these days besides cash, but how is a gift card perceived?

Gift Card Pros and Cons

We all want to give gifts of value and often you may not really know exactly what the recipient has or needs but you may know what they generally like.  Gift cards beautifully solve this problem and alleviate the worry that someone may not enjoy your gift. Whew, that's a relief! However, keep in mind that choosing this route of gift giving tends to feel impersonal and can potentially make the gift giver come off as lazy.  Although any gift should be appreciated, gift cards/cash don't always seem like they come from the heart.  

Puzzle Boxes and Treasure Box Voice Recorders: Personalized Gift Giving

We have found that by choosing unique packaging for an otherwide impersonal gift is a great solution to this gift giving dilemma.  There are many ways to cleverly present someone with cash or a gift card besides just sticking it into a card.  Carver Dan's Hand-Carved Puzzle Boxes and Treasure Box Voice Recorders are two of our favorite options for personalizing "boring" gifts like a gift card or cash.  What's great about our boxes is that each one is a gift in and of it's self and will help the receiver remember what was given inside and who it came from.  Puzzle Boxes and Treasure Box Voice Recorders are both carved entirely by hand making no two boxes exactly the same. On the inside of each Puzzle Box there is a wood-burned To, From, and Occasion that can be filled out by the giver with any permanent marker.  The Treasure Box Voice Recorders allow you to record a personalized voice message up to 30 seconds, leaving your voice as a memory to last a lifetime.  

Give A Gift That Makes A Lasting Impression

You can rest easy knowing that your gift card or cash gift will be given in a beautiful handmade box made entirely out of recycled hardwoods.  We save high quality pieces of wood that would otherwise be discarded or burned by nearby furniture makers and turn them into Carver Dan's Hardwood Collectibles. In addition to using recycled materials, you will be plaseed to know that each puzzle box or treasure box voice recorder purchased plants a tree to help with reforestation. Now, giving a gift card or cash doesn't have to feel so bad!  With hundreds of styles to choose from, you are sure to find a puzzle box or treasure box voice recorder that will be adored and cherished for years to come.