Tooth Fairy Puzzle Box

Has the Tooth Fairy changed her ways?

Rituals Surrounding Baby Teeth...

Losing baby teeth has long been a celebratory event in a child's life.  Many cultures and religions have their own rituals and beliefs in what should be done with a child's lost tooth.  Some cultures bury the tooth in a mouse hole or in a place that is believed to bring the child success in life. In the past, some were known to have thrown the teeth into a fire believing that they were bad luck while others wore a necklace of baby teeth into battle believing that they brought luck and protection. In more recent times, Europeans children were told to leave their lost tooth out for a mouse believing the exchange would magically ensure the child would grow up to have strong teeth just like the mouse.


The American Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy that most Americans are raised believing in has evolved from the European mouse and into a magical fairy who leaves gifts for anyone who leaves their tooth for her to find.  The first modern day appearance of the tooth fairy was presented in a short play written by Esther Watkins Arnold in 1927 however the legend did not catch on in popularity until later on when Disney fairy characters like Tinker Bell and Cinderella's Fairy Godmother entered the households of America. 

Brunette Tooth Fairy Puzzle Box


Making Tooth Fairy Magic Easy

As children, we are told that placing a tooth under the pillow at night will invite the tooth fairy to fly in, quietly take the tooth and leave a small amount of money in return.  We all know how getting proper sleep is very important, especially for children. The tooth fairy feels horrible when she cannot easily find the tooth under the pillow and sometimes leaves empty handed in order to not disturb a sleeping child. As a solution, the Tooth Fairy recommends getting a Carver Dan's Tooth Fairy Puzzle Box so that a loose tooth never goes missing again.  The Tooth Fairy Puzzle Box is hand carved and comes in three different styles, two of which are girl fairies; blonde and brunette and the other being a boy.   Carver Dan's has created a modern and exciting way for your child to safely store their teeth while he or she waits for the magical exchange to occur.  Click here to learn more and get your own tooth fairy puzzle box that will help make the tooth fairy's job extra fun and easy.