The argument stands whether a black cat brings good or bad fortune. Of course that decides on where you are from and the folklore...

Black Cats Are Actually Lucky

The argument stands whether a black cat brings good or bad fortune. Of course that decides on where you are from and the folklore that surrounds it.  Nevertheless, owners of black cats know how much these breeds enjoy being caressed and snuggled. It’s hard to imagine such a sweet creature being anything but lucky. Black cats are stealth in the night and are often associated with Halloween and witches.  Their presence brings a magical component to any home with their sharp green or copper eyes and sleek dark coat.  Most felines live an average of 15-20 years spending much of their lives hunting lizards, birds or chipmunks to bring home as gifts to their owners.  It is a sad day when an owner of a black cat wishes their longtime friend farewell.  There is nothing that can adequately prepare someone for such a loss.  

Short Hair Black Cat Hand Carved Urn

A Decorative Urn to Honor a Special Cat

When the time comes, a pet owner has to decide what they will do with a pet’s remains.  Urns are typically plain in color and shape and bear no resemblance to the unique qualities of a cherished cat.  Our pet portrait urns are an artful way to safely store your pet’s ashes and can be kept on display in the living room, bedroom or office, even hung on the wall.   Durable hardwoods are chosen by color, shaped and then assembled to create an image resembling your cat. Every pet urn is made entirely by hand so no two are ever exactly alike. Cat owners know how hard it is to capture a good photo of their pet and it is difficult to find something that will help exhibit their distinctive qualities.  Our artists take pride in constructing charming urns that will help bring comfort during extremely difficult times. 

Short Hair Calico Cat Pet Urn

Wood Carved Images, Unique Handmade Art

Our pet portrait urns may be the last gift you buy for your deceased friend and being pet lovers ourselves,  we understand just how painful it is to say goodbye.  Your cat’s love, independent personality and playful nature will be highlighted by the craftsmanship and hard work showcased in a pet portrait urn, their spirit never forgotten.

Dark Cat Urn for Wall

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