The importance of a graduation ceremony and the meaningful gift (a wooden Graduation Puzzle Box) I received from my parents on this special day

The end of student life is the moment of receiving a university degree on a graduation day. Like many people, I consider this an important event because it is not only a joy for students but it also brings happiness and pride to teachers and families. On this solemn occasion, teachers, parents, and friends are always present to celebrate with students. Photos of the ceremony, and meaningful souvenirs are unforgettable memories in each of our lives.

Graduation is an opportunity to affirm our success with society, family, and friends. Entering a university is not an easy task at first, then we have to devote all our attention to studying for more than 4 long years, and finally, come the day of university graduation. This is indeed a difficult road. We are not simply wearing a gown and hat, but this is a ceremony honoring the success of students after studying and training at the school. Being declared a "graduate" is an honor and pride of individuals and families. The ceremony signals the time of more adulthood, the time to move on to a new chapter in our path of life.

It is the day to save unforgettable memories with loved ones, all teachers, and classmates. The graduation ceremony is held formally, creating strong emotions and impressions for students. I enjoy the feeling of being on a stage, being named, and being given a university degree by the Rector. Then I receive a round of applause from the guests for this big accomplishment. This is a very emotional moment and will become a memorable moment in everyone's life.

Students often take pictures with their parents and teachers, who will always love and help students in life. Classmates often take advantage of taking commemorative photos. We often have a feeling of sadness and joy at the same time. Feeling sad because we are about to be separated after more than 4 years of being in the same class. However, we are all happy now because everyone has graduated with the ability to enter the period of serving our society and community.

Meaningful gifts are an indispensable part of graduation day. The parents of my classmates often buy high-value gifts as a reward for graduation. These are cell phones, new cars, and VIP tickets to travel abroad. However, my parents don't bring such expensive gifts. They just give me a hand-carved wooden graduation puzzle box. They personalize the wooden puzzle box by handwriting "From: Papa Mama, To: My dear son Date:20/May/2022, Occasion: Graduation day). They say: "This box is made slowly but steadily by hand, symbolizing all of the hard work that you have been to get a university degree. The box is very durable, on the surface of the Puzzle box shows all the items you have on the graduation day (the gown, the cap, the diploma.). This is the most meaningful gift, representing all we want for your life in the future". I thank my parents a lot and will always cherish this treasure box.

In summary, graduation day is one of the most wonderful days in life, to mark the completion of our studies. With all of the honor, happiness, and the hand-carved wooden puzzle box, I feel so thrilled and excited on the day.

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