If ever there was a breed of dog who can share a genuine smile, it’s the golden retriever. These lovable dogs...

Loving A Golden Retriever

If ever there was a breed of dog who can share a genuine smile, it’s the golden retriever. These lovable dogs are almost always happy, and their joy shows in the way their eyes shine and their mouths open every time they catch sight of someone they know and love. Your sadness when a golden retriever dies is all the more powerful due to the joy the dog surely brought during life, and it can be hard to imagine life going forward without the dog being a part of it.


Hand Carved Golden Retriever Dog Urn

 Hand-Carved Portraits

Our golden retriever dog urns can help you keep a portion of your lost golden’s ashes safe even long after the pup is gone. And unlike a traditional urn for pet ashes, these portrait dog urns have an image of a golden retriever on the front of the wooden urn. And this is no wood burning, painting, or printed image; the portraits on our handmade pet urns are created entirely using hand carved wood assembled into a stunning rendition of your favorite breed of dog.

Hand Carved Wooden Golden Retriever Urn

 Creative Craftsmanship

Our team of skilled artists makes our hand carved wooden dog urns using hardwoods sourced from the furniture industry. We select wood based on its color and quality and use different pieces of wood that will create the perfect portrait of a golden retriever without using any paints or stains, just the natural color and grain of the wood itself.

 Your handmade pet urn has the hand carved wooden dog portrait on the front to help you remember your golden retriever. On the back, a hollowed out section of the hardwood urn can keep a small portion of your dog’s ashes safe, so you will have a little piece of your animal friend with you forever, both in spirit and in reality.

Handmade Wooden Pet Urn for Golden Retriever

 A Piece of Art Remembering Your Pet

Pet portrait urns can be rested on a desk, shelf, nightstand, or other flat surface, and they are also slim enough to be hung on a wall. These handmade pet urns are both a work of art and a memorial in one, bringing back the happy memories while also honoring your golden retriever and the role the dig played in your household while he or she was alive.

Carved Wooden Pet Urn Golden Retriever Portrait

 A Gift for  You During a Difficult Time

You can count on our hand carved wooden urns for pet remains to last for years because they are assembled with skill and care. We are pet people too – that’s why we started offering urns for pet ashes in the first place – and we treat every dog or cat urn we make as if it were for our very own furry friends.

Wooden Golden Retriever Keepsake

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