This is the first of the 12 zodiac signs, belonging to the element of Fire and one of the four ruling signs. If one day suddenly you meet a lovely Aries guy or girl, or even you are an Aries who wants to uncover your mystery through your sign, let's find out together about Aries!

1. Aries and things to know

1.1 Aries sign

The constellation Aries is the first constellation in the Zodiac.

aries sign

The Zodiac symbol of Aries is a ram with yellow fur. It symbolizes life, sacrifice, fidelity and light. The sheep is a symbol of spring - the season of the light of love radiating from the sun.

1.2 Curriculum Vitae

Aries fact

If you want to know more about what color Aries matches, what Zodiac signs are compatible with, how is the personality of an Aries, let's learn more about this constellation!

Constellation Name: Aries

Position in the Zodiac circle: 1st place.

Zodiac Symbol : Sheep

Time period: March 20 - April 19

Elemental: Fire

Zodiac Qualities: Dominion

Main ruling star (Ruler): Mars, Minor ruling star: Pluto, Influence star: Sun

Day of the week: Tuesday

Symbolic stones: diamonds, rubies (rubys), red amethyst

Animals: wolf, rooster

Color: crimson, orange

Flowers: carnations, poppies, tulips, brooms

Body part: head, face

Dating: Leo, Sagittarius

Make friends with: Cancer, Capricorn

Lucky numbers: 1 and 9

Compatible with: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Not suitable for friends: Libra

2. Aries andthe myth

Aries was a golden ram according to Greek mythology. This tough animal saved Phrixus from a horrible death. Phrixus was the son of Athamas, the king of Boeotia. His mother was Nephele, the goddess of the clouds. He had a twin brother called Helle. Athamas got remarried and his wife Ino, the stepmother of Phrixus and Helle, hated the twins. She hated them so much that she concocted a devious plan to get rid of them. Her evil plan was to create starvation in Boeotia by ruining all the crops so there wouldn’t be any food available. When the farmers tried to find help from an oracle, Ino bribed them by saying they should tell the oracle to sacrifice Phrixus and Helle and all would be well again in Boeotia. At this point, Nephele, the true mother of the innocent twins, was informed and she stepped in. She sent a golden ram that could fly to rescue them. The beast took them on its back and flew away with them. At a certain point, Helle fell off in a sea which was renamed Hellespont in his honor. The ram brought Phrixus to Colchis where king Aeëtes took him in and even gave him his daughter Chalciope’s hand. As a thank you, Phixus offered the ram to Zeus and gave the golden hair to Aeëtes. The happy couple got 4 sons, the oldest being Argos, who later started the famous Argonauts, but more about them in a later article.

aries myth

3. Characteristic personality of Aries

Aries people have leadership qualities; they like to lead and don't like doing what others say. They always want to express themselves anywhere. Their egos are huge. They always want to be revered and respected. Aries girls always exude a robust, sharp but very attractive, strong attraction.
The strength of Aries is bravery and courage, always ready to fight, and not afraid to confront difficulties and challenges. They always actively face problems and attack threats to defend themselves.
Contrary to the cautious Taurus, Aries reacts very quickly to any situation. They often do not need to calculate carefully but often act immediately. They accept risks rather than hesitate and then lose opportunities.

With a strong pioneering nature, Aries people are always looking for ways to advance at work. They want to be in leadership, not like being under others. They always make the most of opportunities, use their abilities to go far, and develop to higher positions in their careers.
Aries does not like working independently or living in isolation. They want to grow in an organization, be owned, and interact with. Aries people value honor and human qualities. They live sincerely and passionately and hate lies and hypocrisy. They are ready to fight fiercely with the opponent to win.

4. Family and friends

Because of their strong personality traits, always wanting to stand out from others, and not being well-spoken, Aries finds it challenging to make many friends. They are often compatible with people who are tolerant and mild-mannered. However, the friends of Aries are very dear to them because of their honesty, sincerity, and willingness to protect others.

With the family, Aries devotes love and protection. They are not afraid to show affection to their family members. But sometimes, because of their stubbornness, like to do as they please, and lack of patience, they sometimes make their loved ones feel sad.

5. Aries personality in love

5.1 In love, what kind of person will Aries be?

Aries's love is very romantic, sweet, and equally intense. 
Aries is always looking for someone who understands and fits them. Their egos are huge, and they honestly have a hard time saying flattery, so do they care if the other person understands them or not? 

When meeting the object that makes the heart flutter, Aries is ready to express it, actively attack, and seek to conquer the opponent. They are not afraid to fail. They love passionately and powerfully. If the person they were expecting was in front of them, they couldn't stand still and miss the opportunity. Falling in love with an Aries or falling in love with an Aries, you have passionate, vibrant, and romantic love.

Aries has always believed in love. Whether they have suffered in love or faced the worries of life, they always believe in true love.

5.2 How to get the love of Aries girl?

An Aries girl will easily be attracted to guys with a strong, vivacious, funny, and honest personality.

She always appreciates her opponent's toned, healthy and masculine appearance. Therefore, if you know that you play sports and take care of physical training, Aries females will be very impressed.

Aries woman has a strong, stubborn personality but is very cute in love. She always likes to be protected, to do romantic, silly things in love.

5.3 How to get the love of Aries boy?

As mentioned above, Aries will always like to be proactive and lead by others. That is even more strongly expressed in the body of an Aries guy. Therefore, if you have "crushed" an Aries guy, be clever in turning on the signal lights, and don't be too bold. He doesn't like the passive position. Flirting is left to the Aries man; he enjoys flirting and conquering others.

 You should pay attention to your appearance, express yourself, and be sincere and gentle. It will be easy to attract guys under this sign. If you've gotten his attention on you, be prepared to enjoy the pleasant surprise, romance, and fervor that comes from his love for you.

6. Personality at work of Aries

Aries is one of the business-minded signs, in order to do well and make more money, you need to find new ways to find the right path for you. When they feel like they're not breaking boundaries or making progress, people under this zodiac sign may feel bored with their current job role.



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