Elegant Cats Deserve A Special Tribute

Almost anyone would agree that longhair cats have an elegant and aristocratic appearance.  Their fluffy coats are luxurious and soft to the touch making them some of the most beautiful felines around. Some believe that raising a longhair light colored cat brings good fortune in life, while others cherish them because of their silky fur, piercing eyes and quiet company. Owners of these longhair felines know how crucial daily grooming is to keeping a coat that’s free of tangles and matting. Not a day goes by where an owner of a longhair cat doesn’t take the time to gently care for their beloved pet. A strong bond between animal and owner is formed after sharing so much life together as many cats can live up to be 20 years. Sadness and mourning is unavoidable when saying goodbye to such a dear friend.

Wooden Longhair Cat Portrait Urn

 Memories Will Not Fade with a Handmade Urn

The grief from the loss of a cherished pet can linger for many months, years, even a lifetime.  As days go by, memories seem to fade but hearts will never forget what having a pet companion teaches on love and compassion. Keeping those memories alive are as important as our dog/cat’s life itself. 

Wood Carved Longhair Light Colored Cat Urn


 A Hand Crafted Cat Urn Brings Comfort in Hard Times

Although the time has come to say goodbye, the love and energy that was dedicated to your cat’s life can be commemorated through a beautiful hand carved pet urn.  Every urn is made by skilled artisans who carefully select each piece of wood to create an image of your late cat.  Our artists take pride in their work and because everything is made by hand, each urn is as unique as your pet. The natural colors from various hardwoods are combined to create texture and color within the portrait never requiring the use of paints or stains.  The backside of the urn has a small cavity to safely secure your cat’s ashes allowing you to feel their eternal presence. 

Backside of Hand Carved Pet Cat Urn

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