Life with a Yorkie

Having a playful pup like a Yorkshire Terrier is like having a small best friend.  They are attentive, sweet and incredibly cute, ready to greet you when you come home.  Whenever you are feeling down, they always seem to know and show they care.  The benefit of a small breed like a Yorkie is that you get to take him/her with you almost wherever you go! Since Yorkshire Terriers have long silky coats and sassy personalities, many times they will leave the groomers with a cute bow in their hair.  As time goes by and they begin to slow down, you try to hold onto the memories of them as a pup forever and all the good times you shared.  It doesn’t seem fair when the time comes to say goodbye, 13-16 years just isn’t long enough with such a dear friend.  

Wooden Yorkie Pet Urn Box

A Special Way to Say Goodbye

When the day comes to say your farewells, you can only hope that you will find the right way to show how much you cared.  Choosing their final resting place is a difficult task and should you choose cremation, you will need an urn to house their remains.  Your dog was incredibly special and only an urn with similar charm will do.  Carver Dan’s pet urns commemorate their life with a hand carved wooden portrait with your pet’s breed on the front, allowing you to see them and keep their spirit near.

Wood Pet Urn Yorkie

Solid Wood Urns Made by Hand

You won’t catch us cutting down any forests to create these special urns as we source our materials from nearby furniture makers upcycling quality hardwoods that would otherwise be discarded.  All of the colors used to create the portrait are natural, never painted or stained. Our talented craftspeople take pride in their work resulting in handmade urns with love.  A pet urn featuring a Yorkshire Terrier not only encapsulates their remains but is also a handsome piece of art that can be displayed on the wall or placed on a bookshelf near your late pet’s favorite place to lay.  

Wooden Yorkie Pet Urn

Hand-Carved with Love

Loving a dog or cat changes your life forever.  Dogs, especially Yorkies, are incredible loving creatures that leave a permanent mark on your heart. As painful as the death of a dear pet may be, being able to look over and see a hand carved portrait resembling your long lost friend, knowing that they’re still near, will hopefully bring you a whole lot of comfort and peace.

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