Pet Poodles Make the Best Pals

You might have decided to get a poodle because of their friendly nature, playful attitude or because of their hypoallergenic coat.  These breeds are not only extremely loyal to their owner or family, they are also highly intelligent and great watch dogs.  Poodles come in three different sizes: standard, mini and toy.  Standard poodles are the most energetic and more reserved in nature than the other two sizes although all poodles are energetic and sociable dogs.  Miniature poodles are best suited for families because they are the most active and mischievous making them the perfect friend for a child or young adult.  Lastly, the toy poodle is considered to be the best companion for adults due to their level of loyalty or clinginess to their owners.  You won’t be able to leave or enter another room without your sweet poodle right at your heels.  No matter the size, poodles are so sensitive to human’s emotions that they can be known to mimic how you are feeling.  If you are having a bad day, your poodle will probably be having one as well.  It’s nice to have a companion that really gets you and can empathize with your sentiments. 

Wooden Pet Urn Poodle


It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

Since poodles live on average 12-15 years, people who own these dogs become quite attached making it extra hard when they pass on.  Losing a family member like a poodle is incredibly painful as the days ahead will never be the same.  We understand how heart wrenching it is to realize that your poodle’s life has come to an end.  There won’t be anymore warm welcomes and kisses when you walk in the door.  The house just seems empty without their presence. 

Wooden Pet Urn for Poodle

A Poodle's Love Lasts Forever

Although their energy may be gone from this earthly plane, one thing that still exists will be their memory and how you decide to handle their physical remains.  With cremation being the most widely decided option, the next step requires the selection of a vessel to house their ashes.  At Carver Dan’s we have had the pleasure of helping many grieving pet owners ease their pain by creating hand carved wooden pet portraits that also function as an urn. Some of our customers instead choose to use the handmade keepsake as a safe place to store a lock of their pet’s hair or dog tags. 

Wooden Pet Urn for Poodle

Handmade With Love

Upon first glance, your pet portrait urn may be mistaken for a charming piece of art displayed on the wall or on the shelf in the living room.  A portrait of a poodle is detailed by accumulating various colors of hardwoods and then shaping and fitting them together, all by hand.  Each artist takes their time in choosing and carving every detail making the image come alive.  The quality of wood used and finishing coat of lacquer result in a gift that will last for many years.

Wooden Pet Urn Poodle  


Art That Brings Peace

You can feel good about choosing a one of a kind pet portrait urn knowing that it was made entirely by hand similar to the love and care that you gave your poodle.  When looking at the portrait, fond memories rush back and bring a smile to those who have been left behind. Although nothing can replace the love and companionship of a pet that’s passed, we hope to provide peace of mind knowing that they are nearby and cherished in a special way.     

Wooden Pet Urn Poodle

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