Celebrate the Life of Your Pet

If you or anyone you know has had the pleasure of owning a Bulldog then you know firsthand how charming and silly these breeds can be. Owners easily fall in love with their eccentric personalities and often stubborn attitudes. The heart and spirit of a bulldog who has passed on remain a part of an owner for the rest of their life. Finding the right way to memorialize your pet is a challenging task.  If you choose to cremate your Bulldog’s remains consider doing it in a way that reflects their unique qualities.  An urn should not only be visible but also reminiscent of your sweet friend. 

wood pet urn for bulldog

Keep Your Bulldog's Memory Alive

Our pet urns offer a personal connection with a cherished companion even after it’s passing. For almost 17 years Carver Dan’s has been helping families keep the memory of their pet alive by creating artistic hand-carved pet urns that feature a portrait of their pet’s breed.  Artisans use rudimentary pieces of wood along with meticulous craftsmanship to create the details in your Bulldog’s portrait. Solid hardwoods are chosen for color and grain, followed by chiseling and shaping the fine details.  Finally, the portrait is assembled and a lacquer coat is applied upon completion, providing lasting protection and shine. We source only high quality hardwoods from nearby furniture factories so you can rest knowing that each urn is environmentally friendly made from 100% upcycled material. 

Wood Pet Urn for Bulldog

A hand-carved pet urn is a great place to keep your Bulldog’s ashes safe for years to come.

Finding the right urn or keepsake for your dog can truly help the grieving process and provide comfort in sad times. Your pet’s urn can be placed anywhere you’d like or even hung on the wall, creating a visual reminder of the life you once shared. Losing a gentle and affectionate friend like a Bulldog is a painful experience.  Although we may only be able to hold them in our arms for a short period of time, we can certainly hold a place for them in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

 Wooden Bulldog Pet Urn

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