Wooden Pet Urn For a Yellow Labrador

A Hand Carved Pet Urn to Memorialize Your Late Yellow Labrador Retriever

Yellow Labs Win Our Hearts

Being one of the friendliest breeds of dogs, the Yellow Labrador brings an immeasurable amount of warmth and happiness to any household.  They are known for their loyalty and intelligence, constantly seeking to please their owners.  The loss of a Yellow Labrador Retriever leaves behind an emptiness that cannot be described. A precious pet like a Yellow Lab deserves a unique way to remember their playful spirit, unconditional love and companionship.  Our hand carved portrait pet urns are special in that they do not resemble traditional urns and are often displayed as art.

Wooden Pet Urn For Yellow Labrador Retreiver

Natural Hardwood Crafted By Hand

Carver Dan’s pet urns are made from high quality upcycled hardwood making them an eco-friendly and durable keepsake.  Your hand carved wooden pet urn will be made by hand, with love and will capture the endearing essence of your late Yellow Labrador. Each piece of wood used to recreate your pet’s image is hand selected, carved and assembled. No paints or stains are utilized in the making, only a coat of lacquer is applied upon completion to protect the wood from scratches.  A resemblance of your Yellow Lab’s portrait will be displayed on the front of the urn, helping you to recall the happy times you shared.

Yellow Lab Pet Urn

A Sentimental Way to Keep Your Yellow Lab Near

We have designed our pet urns with a recess on the backside which can be used to securely house a portion of your pet’s remains or other keepsakes if you wish. The urn holding your Yellow Lab’s remains  can be placed in a glass case, on a shelf or can even be hung on the wall as a piece of art.  Because we understand how much your pet meant to you, our artists take pride in crafting each pet urn knowing that this piece will be your companion’s final resting place.  Our urns are crafted with the intention of bringing you joy in the most painful of times.

Wooden Handmade Pet Urn for Yellow Lab

A Hand-Carved Portrait that Brings Comfort

Our artisan pet urns help you commemorate your own beloved dog or cat in a special way or can be given as a gift to a loved one who has recently lost their furry friend.  From experience, we know that nothing can take away the sadness of losing a loyal companion like a Yellow Lab, but we have found that by choosing one of our pet urns you will have peace of mind in knowing that their final resting place was made by hand with love.  We know that every time you look up and see your wooden pet portrait that you will be reminded of your Yellow Labrador’s warmth, their playful spirit, and all the joy that they brought into your life. 


Handmade Wooden Yellow Lab Pet Urn