German Shepherds: The Best Partners in Life 

In the late 1800’s, Germany began to breed dogs for their skills in herding and protecting flocks of sheep, hence the name German Shepherd.  For over a hundred years, these intelligent and agile dogs have worked alongside their human counterparts, assisting in daily living.  Many people today choose this breed as their companions for similar reasons.  German Shepherds work in many different ‘fields’ now such as law enforcement, therapy, service and even search and rescue to name a few. The list goes on as to what these amazing dogs are able to do.  We naturally have a strong bond with our pets, but German Shepherds and their owners develop an incredibly deep connection that rivals that of a humankind.  With their loyal characteristics and keen instincts, German Shepherds are some of the most valuable dogs to own.  They will go to extremes in protecting and serving you and your best interest.  Having a partner in life like a German Shepherd brings peace of mind in stressful situations as they are always on guard.  We understand the immense loss that is felt when having to part ways with such a reliable companion and know that nothing can replace such an important being in your life.  

Pet Urn for German Shepherd

 Safely Store Your Pet's Ashes

Choosing how to honor a pet that dedicated his or her life being of service to their owner can be a tough decision to make. Most pet owners now opt for pet cremation as a means of handling their beloved pet’s remains.  Storing the remains is the next hurdle to consider as no typical urn will signify the importance of your German Shepherd’s life.  We wanted to make your dog’s final resting place one that does not go unnoticed or forgotten about on the shelf.  

Wooden Hand-Carved German Shepherd Urn

 The Perfect Way to Remember Your German Shepherd

Carver Dan’s pet portrait urns bring to life a hand carved image of your dog’s breed making this not only a vessel for his/her remains but also an art piece that can be displayed anywhere in the home or office.  Durable hardwoods are meticulously hand carved by artists who take pride in creating the stunning image on the front of the urn. The coloring in each one of a kind urn comes from different species of wood resulting in a piece that is never painted or stained.  The hard work that goes into creating every individual container represents the dedication your German Shepherd gave to you.  Every urn can hold up to four ounces of ash or may also be utilized to store other keepsakes reminiscent of your late friend.  

Wooden German Shepherd Urn

 Find Comfort in a Special Piece of Art

We wanted to create a piece of art that brings back memories of the life you once shared with your dog.  We have found that this is the perfect way to commemorate a loyal partner and to keep their guarding spirit nearby even though their body has moved on.  May you be comforted in seeing a pet portrait urn of a German Shepherd on your wall or on the mantle and find peace in knowing that you gave them a beautiful resting place.  

 Wooden Pet Urn for German Shepherd







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