Perhaps in this world, there is hardly a nation that loves its national flag more than the people of Vietnam...

It's so funny to tell you guys about this story. As you know that I have six months stay in VN and six months stays in the US, and I have connected with two different cultures. For sure lol. But the story I'm going to tell you, I hope that will bring a smile to your face.

Last week, we had a heated match between Viet Nam and Thailand to win the Men's Soccer Gold Medal at Sea Games 31. And Vietnam won that match.

For many people, it is probably very typical. It's just a soccer game! But for Vietnamese people, it is national pride. Because it's been a long time since the Vietnamese have had the opportunity to get the Gold Medal in their hands.

Some people watch it at home, some watch it on Walking Street, and some watch it lives at the stadium. Everyone applauded and clapped warmly for this result when the game was over. Everywhere I see red flags with yellow stars, everywhere I see joyful and radiant faces - not only young people but also the elderly and children, everyone applauded the players for having a great game.

Take a look at the pictures below to see how the Vietnamese celebrate.

Everyone watched the game together on a giant LED screen in Walking Street, and the moment the referee blew the final whistle, everything seemed to fall apart. Everyone rejoiced and rejoiced because Vietnam had won.

vietnamese cheerleaders

The Vietnamese flag stretches across the road. Everyone celebrates a win together.

Football fans storm through the streets to celebrate Vietnam's SeaGames 31 Victory  by all the vehicles 


Head coach of the team. Mr. Park Hanseo

Solidarity is very high.

I guess this policeman wants to blend in too, but since he's on duty, he can only stand there and watch lol

Well, just a few pictures. Have you got goosebumps with this nationalist sentiment?

I've been here long enough to understand that no other country is as united as Vietnam. They use occasions like this to raise their national flags together in the wind.

Once people get stormed through the streets, everyone is a friend. They stick together, happily together under the country's victory.
I took pictures and the stories in Vietnam to tell my friend in my country - they were very surprised and exciting - they dreamed of going to Vietnam to travel in the next few months on such an occasion, and I hope you do too.

Thank you for reading the entire blog. See you in the next blog posts with more exciting stories.


By Daniel Terrico


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